project name: m18s
project url: https://github.com/jlmitch5/m18s
author: jlmitch5
description: a sequencer based on the RYK M-185
discussion url: https://llllllll.co/t/m18s-now-for-norns/32068
tags: generative sequencer synth jf midi crow


a sequencer for norns based on the RYK M-185

m18s is a two voice sequencer. each voice is 8 steps, and each step is made up of 1-8 stages.

stages trigger notes based on the particular stage gate mode. these can be:

in the current version of m18s, you can change the sequence by randomizing the stages, stage gate modes, and note (specified by the scale in the params menu). in the future these will be able to be set within the norns interface.

you can download and run m18s from the maiden package manager or by cloning/downloading this repo and moving to dust/code. it currently uses the PolySub engine to generate sound found in the we standard community library that norns is packaged with.

crow standalone version:

this started as a script built for crow, but because it was not very fun to use (and the size of the script caused some weirdness with some people’s crows), I decided to port to norns. I’ve moved the original script to the lib/crow_standalone/

to run this:

see https://llllllll.co/t/m18s-updating-somehow-the-post-accidentally-published-early/32068 for documentation and to share anything you make with m18s or any feature requests you have, I’d love to hear it!