project name: Tidbit
project url: https://github.com/markijzerman/tidbit
author: maaark
description: Use Just Friends or a MIDI device as a 'melodic' granular synth.
discussion url: https://llllllll.co/t/tidbit/52104
documentation url: https://llllllll.co/t/tidbit/52104
tags: jf midi crow synth granulator w


Use Just Friends or a MIDI device as a ‘melodic’ granular synth.


See a video of Tidbit in action, using JF: https://vimeo.com/668942592/96eb5f63ae

Discussion on the llllllll.co forum: https://llllllll.co/t/tidbit

What is Tidbit?

Tidbit uses either Norns, Crow and JF (or W/) or MIDI to create granular notes - addressing the device in a very rapid way as to use the absolute most of JFs six voices or a MIDI device to create everything from rich sound beds to short scrapy percussive sounds. It applies the long history of granular synthesis to the six voices of Just Friends or a MIDI device, starting from Democritus’ atom theory all the way to Curtis Roads’ writings on Microsound and beyond.

You curate four sets of five notes, or- randomise them in the PARAMS menu. Now, you can modulate the sound parameters on JF, skipping through different note-sets with E3 and divisions with E2. On MIDI devices Tidbit relies on voice stealing.

See another short demo from an earlier version a while back here.


  1. Install via maiden or clone/download the repo to dust/code.
  2. Restart norns.
  3. Start Tidbit!


Norns and either Crow and Just Friends, or a MIDI device. Optional: W/



PR’s welcome!