project name: zellen
project url: https://github.com/sarweiler/zellen
author: sbaio
description: game of life based sequencer
discussion url: https://llllllll.co/t/zellen/21107
tags: sequencer grid

Zellen is currently not in active development, since I do not own a Norns anymore. If anyone wants to take over, feel free to fork the repository and create a new thread for it in the lines library. If you do so, send me a message on lines and I will happily link your new repository here and in the old lines thread.


A sequencer for Monome norns based on Conway’s Game of Life.


Play Modes

Set the play mode with ENC2.

Play Direction

Set the play direction with ENC3.

Sequencing modes

Set the sequencing mode in the parameters screen. Default is semi-automatic.

Crow support

Zellen supports CV out via Crow. Crow CV output can be configured in Norns’s parameters menu.

Crow configuration for Zellen:

CV offset (input 2) can be set to pre or post quantization in the parameters menu.

CV 2 is, just like the main sequence, a CV derived from the current play position on the board. The CV can be calculated with these methods (configurable in the parameters menu):

Just Friends support (via ii)

Zellen supports playing notes on Mannequins Just Friends via Crow and a ii connection. The note value can be determined with the same methods as the CV 2 value for Crow (configurable in the parameters menu).


Set the MIDI channel (default: 1), MIDI velocity (default: 100), and MIDI clock in the parameters screen.

More Parameters

There is lots more to discover in the parameters screen, like root note, scale, and ghost offset.