project name: wrms
project url: https://github.com/AndrewShike/wrms
author: andrew
description: dual asyncronous time-wigglers / echo loopers
discussion url: https://llllllll.co/t/wrms/28954
documentation url: https://norns.community/authors/andrew/wrms
tags: delay looper

~ wrms ~~

dual stereo time-wigglers / echo loopers

two time-travel wrms for loops, delays, & everything in-between

screen recording



available from the maiden catalog


the first thing you should know is that E1 changes which page is displayed. pages contain different controls, mapped to the lower keys and encoders. the location of the control on-screen (left, right, center) shows which wrm is mapped to that control.

the first time you meet the wrms, wrm1 (on the left) will be set up as a delay & wrm 2 (on the right) will be configured as a looper pedal. feed the wrms some audio to begin exploring ! tap K3 once to begin recording a loop, then again to begin playback.

main screen

main screen



alt screen

holding K1 reveals a hidden batch of controls behind every page. these are meant to be complimentary to the main performance controls - extra tweaks & easter eggs that open up new sounds once some familiarity has been established. note that in the case of pages s and f, the alt page simply reveals the same controls mapped to wrm2.


lite screen

wrms ships with an alternate version of the script, “lite”, which you can access from the main SELECT menu on norns. It’s essentially a simplified version of vanilla wrms that falls closer to a traditional dealy & looper pedal. this might be a good place to start if you’re new to wrms ! (the chosen controls & presets were based on those used on jade islan sayson’s paru paro)

even in the lite template, the full collection of controls are still accessible under PARAMS > EDIT.