project name: vials
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author: nattog
description: 4 track performance-oriented sample sequencer
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tags: sequencer sampler grid


a sequencer for norns

each track features 4 slots containing decimal values between 0 and 255. a decimal is converted to its binary representation and played in a sequence of binary where 1 sends a trigger and 0 denotes a break. a track can be muted, has its own probability and divisions, each sequence can be rotated along its binary string. the sequencer is enhanced for performance using a grid, can be externally clocked and outputs midi.


the first view is the main interface on this page

each track is configured to output midi and trigger a sample. see the PARAMETERS menu for configuration.


grid expands the performability of vials, allowing looping and editing sequence values in both binary and decimals. performance controls such as sample triggers, mutes, reverb and delay controls and randomisation are also exposed on grid level. reverb and delay effects have their own view, found by holding the reverb and delay view keys which then allow for fx control with the norns encoders.

alt text

saving / loading

on start vials loads a session of 15 patterns from memory within the session patterns can be saved and loaded the session is saved to disk when stopped note the current pattern must be saved to the session to be recalled.

vague ideas for the future