project name: vcr
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author: justmat
description: collect and recall voltages
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tags: crow grid


a simple Voltage Collection Recall script for norns + grid + crow




holding alt will shift focus to a second set of parameters:


the voltage scope area represents the four crow outputs, arranged vertically 1-4, and their voltages. the far left of the grid represents -5 volts, the constant dimly lit collumn represents 0 volts, and the far right represents 10 volts. outside of the 0 volt collumn, a dimly lit button represents the destination voltage, while a brightly lit button shows the actual current voltage at crows outputs. your slew time determines how long it will take for the actual voltage to reach the destination voltage.


crow outputs 1-4 will carry voltages 1-4 from your voltage sets.


pattern recording quick start:

n.b. the pattern recorder only records presses in the voltage set area.

slew shapes/styles