project name: turntable
project url: https://github.com/adamstaff/turntable
author: adamstaff
description: a turntable for norns
discussion url: https://llllllll.co/t/a-turntable-for-norns/67716
tags: norns

turntable, V2.0

A turntable for norns

(demo video coming in the future)

After many years as a musician, I decided this year I wanted to DJ for the first time. I don’t have turntables, but I do have a norns or two. So I made this.

The intention was to squeeze most of the functionality of a single turntable onto norns. And the intention was also to resist making a full DJ app.

Because this uses softcut, softcut’s limitations apply: wavs only, 48kHz recommended, max 5 minutes 49.52 seconds in length.

All gratitude and props to monome, the documentation writers, and the lines community for teaching me how to do this.


Requires: norns, some wavs to play


K1+K3: Load a wav file K3: play / stop K2: pause (put your hand on the record)

E1: pitch E2: nudge E3: small nudge K1+E2: big nudge K2+K3: backspin

K1+K2: toggle loop K1+E3: waveform zoom

See the params menu for fun stuff like changing the player and record rpm. Get your ‘slowlene’ on 28!

To mix: Bring another audio source (say, another norns running turntable, your phone, or an sl1200), into the norns stereo input. Map a MIDI controller to the ‘Fader Position’ parameter, and use it to crossfade between turntable and the audio inout



Mixing has been added to turntable! There are new parameters for: fader position fader sharpness (how close to the end of the fader equal power / DJ style curve (in the middle, how loud are the two sound sources? ) Install and update in the maiden library, or via

;install https://github.com/adamstaff/turntable