project name: torii
project url:
author: okyeron
description: gated audio sequencer
discussion url:
tags: sequencer grid midi


torii - a traditional Japanese gate which symbolically marks the transition from the mundane to the sacred

Gated audio sequencer for norns

v0.5.6 @okyeron

Send audio in, each step gates the audio.




K2 : randomize sequence
K3 : bypass gates

E1 : change BPM
K1 HOLD + E1 : change seq length
E2 : change edit step
E3 : change filter amt per step

See Params menu for clock divider, envelope values, filter envelopes, delays, etc. (and Mapping those to MIDI)

MIDI Start/Stop/Continue are supported

Sequence length is 1 to 32.

Grid controls:

Row 8 buttons are the sequence steps

Rows 1-7 are a level amount for filter per step Row 7 will clear the env amount if hit while selected

For sequences longer than 16, scroll the grid side to side with E2