project name: tapedeck
project url: https://github.com/schollz/tapedeck
author: infinitedigits
description: live tape deck emulation (saturation, distortion, wow/flutter)
discussion url: https://llllllll.co/t/tapedeck/51919
tags: audio_fx


live tape fx (saturation, distortion, wow/flutter).


this is a tape deck emulator - providing 12 ordered stages of effects:

1) preamp 2) filtering / tascam emulation 3) compression 4) color / waveshaping 5) tape emulation 6) tape distortion 7) wow / flutter 8) chew 9) loss 10) degradation 11) reverb 12) output amp

this script is built off the shoulders of many extraordinary feats of ingenuity - this norns engine combines the incredible plugins ported by Mads Kjeldgaard (@madskjeldgaard) (portedplugins) which are ported from Jatin Chowdhury’s ChowDSP-VCV-rack project. the key here is Jatin Chowdhury’s open-source code for physical modeling of tape machines, which is beautifully detailed in this paper. the reverb is an implementation from jpcima of Jon Dattorro’s stereo variant of the reverberator (Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, 1997).

a demo (best used with headphones, tape fx begin around 10 seconds):




see the PARAMS menu for all the parameters.

parameters are accessible through the main UI too -

some notes:

note 1: when starting this script it will turn your monitor down all the way to only hear the incoming sound through the tapedeck. when you exit the script, the monitor will be returned to you previous setting.

note 2: the “dist fx” (stage 2) has a lot of gain - you can either adjust the input levels (via the MIXER screen) or the wet/drive level of the effect to manipulate the effect of this gain.

note 3: the “wow / flutter” (stage 3), when activated (i.e. non-zero) will act on a delayed buffer of the live input - expect a latency of 100-200 ms when this is activated.


the tapedeck engine will automatically installed the first time you run.

;install https://github.com/schollz/tapedeck