project name: støy
project url:
author: imminent_gloom
description: a noise synth for norns
discussion url:
tags: synth delay grid



(/stœj/) is noise

skittering, scratching, sputtering sounds from a trio of oscillators that respectively feed, fm and am a filter, there is feedback and a delay if you want. a button makes it all (except the delay) stop.

i made this to see if i could play the same kind of music on norns as i have done for years on my modular, they both feel similar, familiar, but also different.

if you want you can play too

v2.0 - drops state-saving, adds resonant equalizer

requires norns, grid recomended

e1 pitch e2 chooses e3 affects

k1+e1 res eq dry/wet
k1+row decay time

k1+e2 delay rate
k1+e3 delay feedback

k2 momentary delay send
k3 momentary mute

install from maiden or download to ‘dust/code’, then restart norns