project name: strides
project url:
author: justmat
description: a collection of pattern recorders
discussion url:
tags: sampler sequencer grid midi

strides v1.4

strides is a collection of 16 pattern recorders.

8 are norns focused, expressed as encoder recorders sending midi cc’s.

8 are grid focused, allowing for finger drum style recording and looping (with optional midi note out).


load samples, set midi notes and cc destinations in the PARAMETERS menu.

there are two operating modes in strides, grid and encoder. to switch modes, hold key1 and press key3.

grid mode controls

nb: delay send works on all samples and tracks. if you wish to send individual samples to delay, you can do so via the PARAMETERS menu.

encoder mode controls

nb: set your cc destinations and midi output channels in the PARAMETERS menu.


hold alt to access secondary grid functions.

nb: as of v1.2 a midi panic/ kill button was added just above alt. hold alt to expose.

as well as secondary controls, holding alt will bring up several controls for pattern and playback speed manipulation.