project name: skylines
project url:
author: markel_m
description: a sequencer inspired on the M185/Intellijel Metropolis
discussion url:
tags: sequencer


Monome grid-based sequencer take on the M185 sequencer by RYK modular, also inspired by the m18s script by jlmitch5.



Place the grid vertically, with the USB port on top. Change pages with E1.

Page 1: Sequencer

The sequencer will be displayed on the grid while norns is on page 1. Use K3 to start the internal clock, and K2 to reset the sequencer to the first step. Alternatively, send a clock signal into crow input 1 to start the sequencer. A 2V pulse into crow input 2 will reset the sequencer.

Page 2: Presets & scales

The top block of lit LEDs represents memory slots for presets, which store all the information of a patch (except for the internal clock tempo).

The second block of LEDs represents an octave on a piano, black keys on the top row and white keys on the bottom row. Press any of these keys to change the root of the current scale to the corresponding note.

The last block of LEDs represent different scales form the MusicUtil library. Press any of these to change the selected scale to the corresponding one. You can see the selected scale represented on the root note LEDs with brighter pads.