project name: sines
project url:
author: oootini
description: 16 sine waves
discussion url:
tags: synth drone 16n midi


A simple FM sine drone synth with 16 independant sine waves. Each sine wave is FM modulated with configurable carrier - modulator FM index. Sample rate and bit depth can be changed for each voice.



Ensure you are up to date with the latest norns OS. Visit http://norns.local/ in a browser, and install sines from the maiden project manager.

Then, SYSTEM => RESET on norns to pick up the new SuperCollider engine. Restart for good measure.

Optional: install @catfact’s z_tuning norns mod to enable microtuning support in norns. Run ;install in the maiden console, and then enable it in SYSTEM => MODS. Reset + restart norns.

Sines uses the z_tuning mod when it is active. To switch to standard 12-tet tuning, disable z_tuning from the mods menu and restart norns.


Select a root note and scale from the norns parameters menu. 16 frequencies based on the selected scale are applied. You can also tune the sine waves by hand on norns.





z_tuning mod

Midi control

The 16n midi controller is mapped by default. You can use other midi controllers too.

Control individual sine amplitudes, envelopes, bit depth, sample rate, and FM index with a midi controller. Controls are mapped from the norns parameters page.