project name: silos
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author: justmat
description: live grains
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tags: granulator audio_fx keyboard grid arc

silos-color.png live granular processing


silos granular engine, thresher, contains 4 tracks; each with 8 seconds of record time. the parameters for controlling the engine are:

nb: speed and pitch work like rate controls. 1 is base pitch/speed, 2 = 1 octave up/twice as fast, 4 = 2 octave up/twice as twice as fast, 0.5 = 1 octave down/half speed

in addition to granulation, thresher also includes an fx bus featuring a lush modulated reverb followed by a bit crusher. the fx parameters are:




launching silos lands you in a fairly minimal state. in the top right corner of your screen are indicators for gate, recording, and your current track number. at the bottom of your screen you’ll find the command prompt.

if you’d like to see a bit more information, press alt + key 3 or ESC on your keyboard to toggle the info display. there are pages for engine parameters, fx, control assignments, and snapshots.

use alt + enc 3 or your LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys to navigate.

engine parameters

silos-engine1-m.png silos-engine2-m.png



control assignments

silos-ctrls-m.png silos-ctrls2-m.png





the arc adds four extra encoders. assign controls with arc id track/fx control_number


the grid has two modes of operation. mode 1 is two 8x8 x/y pads, mode 2 is snapshot mode. switch modes with grid_mode n where n = 1 or 2. more grid modes will likely be added in the future.

x/y mode

xy-grid.png assign controls to the x/y coordinates using gridx or gridy.

gridx id track/fx control_number

snapshot mode

snap-grid.png in snapshot mode, holding the lower dimly lit cell and pressing one of the top 4 rows will save a snapshot of your parameter settings. row 1 will save snaps for track 1, row 2 for track 2, and so on. a cell containing a snapshot will glow brightly. pressing a brightly lit cell will recall the associated snapshot.

the command prompt

there are several commands to configure controls, set parameter values, and save/load various sets of data.

Assign controls:

nb: control lists can be viewed in app by toggling info display

build control macros: each of the norns encoders has an accompanying macro slot.

nb: multiplier can be negative numbers! this allows one param to increase while others decrease or vice versa

set parameters:

set multiple parameters:

store and recall parameter snapshots

save and load state

save and load pset

nb: save/load_state id’s can be any string. state includes control assignments, macros, snapshots etc..

key bindings


from the maiden Repl, type ;install