project name: sempra
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author: zbs
description: continuous dynamic melody sequencer for 16n+grid
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tags: sequencer grid crow


dynamic melody sequencer

sempra 2

what is this?

a dynamic melody sequencer for norns, 16n and a varibright grid 128. there is no engine built in - to hear sound, connect norns to midi, crow, w/syn and/or just friends.

two sequencers run in parallel, each with up to 8 steps. swap out phrases from a shared bank on the fly, edit durations and repeats per step, combine sequences together in modular for awake-style phasing.

how do i use this?

sempra contains a bank of 16 phrases. the 2 identical tracks run in parallel, each one pulling data from one of the 16 available phrases. you can switch out which phrase is routed to which track on the fly with simple key presses.

grid and 16n

Untitled_Artwork 2

keys and encoders

Untitled_Artwork 6

shift functions

Untitled_Artwork 5

selecting phrases

Untitled_Artwork 3

pressing k2 or k3 opens the selector pane for tracks 1 and 2 respectively. in this mode, the opposite track is covered up by a 4x4 grid of phrases to choose from. pressing any phrase assigns it to the track. when you do, the selector pane will disappear again.

phrase are selected immediately when you press them. all changes to the previous phrase are automatically saved and can be returned to instantly at any time.


each track has a few params in the norns menu that you can’t access from the main interface.


v1.0.6 - ;install

this is my first fully-documented, full-release norns script! woohoo! let me know if anything is broken and i’ll fix it asap. PRs and feature requests are more than welcome.