project name: semiconductor
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author: jaseknighter
description: norns ensemble mod
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tags: mod utility


a norns ensemble script

this script was written to support the creation of physically gathered together norns ensembles, providing players a way of “conducting” a performance in a non-hierarchical manner.

it occurred to me that a whole lot of music performance involves control. also, and conversely, there has been a lot of music concerned more with giving up control to a machine with the development of generative music and instruments inspired by chaos (blippoo box and wing pinger, for example). this script is meant to promote a somewhat different approach, where a performance is built around performers in immediate physical proximity to one another giving up control to each other as a performative strategy.



how does it work?

using this mod, players gather together and connect their norns to the same network. then, one of the norns is selected by the players to act as a “host.” the norns in the ensemble are registered to this host. the host norns broadcasts each registration it receives with all the other devices. once registered, each norns will display the scripts the other norns have currently loaded and players can select parameters from the scripts to (semi)conduct. the parameters that appear in this mod may be controlled just as if the script was running on the norns locally.

the mod also includes macro param features that allow multiple params on multiple norns to be mapped and controlled from a single macro param. these mappings can be saved for future performances.


get started

leave the ensemble

group sync

there are three params that you can sync across all registered norns from the group sync > sub-menu found in PARAMETERS>EDIT:


macros allow you to change multiple parameters at once, either within a single script or across multiple scripts.

autosave semiconductor parameter maps

in the PARAMETERS>EDIT menu, the sc data sub-menu provides controls to save macros settings as well as the parameters of the currently loaded script.

changing the macro controls directly

misc notes

controlling complex scripts

some scripts have custom state handling features that will not be accessible from the semiconductor mod or, if accessible, may result in errors. proceed with caution.

running a new script after registering

after registering your norns with the semiconductor mod, if you change the script you are running locally, all the other registered norns will be notified of the change and any norns that had your script selected will have to select a new script in the PLAYERS > menu.

shortcuts to speed up registration

using this mod with a single norns

this mod will work with just a single norns (e.g. to take advantage of the macro controls)