project name: scholastic
project url:
author: adamstaff
description: multitrack polyrhythmic sequencer
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tags: norns sequencer nb midi


A norns script that borrows ideas from Modalics’s Beat Scholar:

Split the measure into many tuplets. Polyrhythms, trap beats, bolero, and bouncing balls.

Send them to the Polyperc engine, an NB voice, or MIDI output.


E1 - Select track

Scroll to track 0 to change number of tracks with E3 E2 - Select position

Scroll to beat 0 to change number of beats with E3 E3 - Adjust tracks/beat/division


K1 (long) - Shift

K2 - Play/Stop

K3 - Insert / remove a note

K1 + K3 - Edit velocities mode

Encoders and keys:

K1+E1 - Transpose

Scroll to track 0 to transpose all tracks K1+E2 - Engine release

K1+E3 - Engine pulse width