project name: rudiments
project url:
author: cfd90
description: an 8 voice lofi percussion synthesizer and sequencer
discussion url:
tags: sequencer drum


an 8 voice lofi percussion synthesizer…


From the Maiden Project Manager (http://norns.local)

Or Download latest release and copy files into ~/dust/code/rudiments.

Or use Git:

<ssh into your Norns>
$ cd ~/dust/code
$ git clone

Note that after installing you must SYSTEM => RESET your Norns before running this script, as it includes a new SuperCollider engine.

Norns Script

Launching randomizes all voices, and drops you into a euclidean sequencer. Controls are as follows:

E1 select
E2 density
E3 length
K2 reset phase
K3 start/stop

K1 = ALT
ALT-E1 = bpm
ALT+K3 = randomize all voices

Use the PARAMS menu to configure voices manually, set up clock/sync behavior, MIDI map, and manage voice presets.

Grid Control

Tap in & clear rhythms with 1-4, nudge synth parameters up & down with 5-10. Randomize the synth voice with 15 Grid Control

SuperCollider Engine

This script makes a new SuperCollider engine available, Rudiments. Please see lib/ for the latest parameter definitions.


Thanks to @rbxbx for porting the playfair sequencer to this engine.