project name: rebound
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author: enneff
description: a kinetic sequencer
discussion url:
tags: sequencer

rebound: a kinetic sequencer


rebound is a kinetic sequencer for norns 2.0.

Spawn orbs that bounce endlessly from left to right, top to bottom, and back again. Each orb has its own velocity, direction, and note value. These values may be adjusted individually or as a group. When an orb hits the top or bottom its note plays. When an orb hits the left or right its note plays an octave down or up, respectively.

Notes are quantised to the current scale and tempo, both of which may be set through the parameters menu. rebound will send midi notes, should a midi output device be attached, and may also slave to an external clock, should one be present.


This version of rebound is for norns 2.0. To install it, ssh into your norns, and clone this repository into the dust directory:

$ cd dust $ git clone