project name: quence
project url: https://github.com/millxing/QUENCE
author: RobSchoen
description: probabilistic 4-track sequencer
discussion url: https://llllllll.co/t/quence/29436
tags: sequencer generative grid crow midi

Q * U * E * N * C * E

spunoza's, now updated for norns 2.0 + output to markeats'

a probababilistic 4-track sequencer for norns and grid with outputs for MIDI, Crow, and Molly the Poly

by Rob Schoen (millxing at gmail)

inspired by Turing Machine, Fugue Machine, and Physical (Norns Study 4)

updated for norns 2.0 + molly_the_poly output by _ground_state_

updated for crow by justmat

tutorial video

grid usage

settings page

<#Settings page#>

track page

<#Track page#>

random tips:

There are 5 pages in total, a settings page and 4 track pages.

After launching the script, the track page for Track One will be visible and the sequencer will be paused.

The bottom row is always the toolbar: pause, mutes for tracks 1-4, lock all, clear all, select tracks 1-4, and settings page.

The LED in the bottom right corner toggles between the current track page and the settings page.

The LED in the bottom left corner toggles the sequencer pause.

On the settings page, the eight buttons in rows 5-6, cols 13-16 are currently unassigned.

For now, pressing any of these LEDs will re-sync all sequences.

Hold Key 3 on the Norns to see the midi notes in the sequence for the current track.

contributing guidlines

Note ‘.lua-format.cfg’ and ‘.luacheckrc’ in the root of this repo. We recommend that you please make use of them as configurations for luaformatter and lua-check, respectively, and run these two tools over any pull requests you might make.