project name: plonky
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author: infinitedigits
description: string-like keyboard and sequencer
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tags: sequencer keyboard grid


plonk (/plɒŋk/) - to play a musical instrument, usually not very well but often loudly

plonky is a keyboard and sequencer. i made it to be able to play mx.samples directly from the grid. the grid layout (and name) is inspired by the plinky synth, i.e. it is a 8x8 layout with notes spaced out between columns by a specified interval (default is C-major scale spaced out by fifths).



use the grid to play an engine. by default the engine is “PolyPerc”, but if you install mx.samples you can also play that by switching “PLONKY > engine" via parameters.

voices: use E1 to change voices. each 8x8 section of the grid is a voice. you can play notes in that voice by pressing pads. the notes correspond to a C-major scale, where each column is a fifth apart. use the menu PLONKY to change parameters. while in a menu you can press a note to change to that voice.

arps: you can do arps by turning E2 or E3 to the right. in “arp” mode you can press multiple keys and have them play. in “arp+latch” mode the last keys you pressed will play. in “arp+latch only” mode keys you press will change the arp but no play when you press (useful for seamless arps). change the speed using the “PLONKY > division” parameter in the menu.

patterns: you can record patterns by pressing K1+K2 (for right voice press K1+K3). press a note (or multiple) and it will become a new step in the pattern. you can hold out a step by holding the notes and pressing K2 (for right voice press K3). you can add a rest by releasing notes and pressing K2 (for right voice press K3). erase steps with E2 (for right voice use E3). when done recording press K1+K2 (for right voice press K3). to play a pattern press K2 (for right voice press K3).

crow + jf: each voice sends one note to crow at 1v/octave. jf is available if you change this line of code. these are untested so idk if they work.

midigrid: check the instructions in the code in the plonky/lib/plonky.lua file, search for “midigrid”.


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