project name: patchwork
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author: Olivier
description: dual function sequencer for monome norns, crow and grid
discussion url:
tags: sequencer grid crow


Patchwork is a dual function sequencer for monome norns, crow and grid. Each sequence has both a note pattern and a command pattern. A command fires when the sequence reaches its position. Commands manipulate the sequences. Think octave and position jumping, direction changes, new notes, sequence syncing, etc.

The grid has two modes: NOTES and COMMANDS (you’ll see an indication of what mode you’re in the bottom right-hand corner of norns’ screen). Use the former to edit your note pattern, the latter to edit your command pattern.


Both sequences are driven by norns’ global clock, but each one has its own set of additional options (in the params menu):

When adjusting BPM(A) in params, BPM(B) will be set to the same value, and the global clock will be adjusted accordingly too. This is primarily intended for ease of use. Once BPM(A) is set, though, BPM(B) can be shifted independently for phasing effects.

If you adjust the global tempo from the system CLOCK menu, BPM(A) and BPM(B) will automatically be set to that new value.

Output Options

As of 2.0, each sequence has its own dedicated - and configurable - output options:

With Just Friends’ new and improved polyphonic allocator (in firmware 4.0), it’s possible to send both sequences to a single Just Friends for amazingly lush results. To take advantage of the JF output options, make sure your JF is connected to crow via i2c.

Keys & Encoders



Head to the global params menu and scroll down to find the PATCHWORK section. From there, you can: