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author: anoikisnomads
description: ocean noise generator
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tags: art

ONG screen

ONG is an ocean noise generator for Monome Norns.

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Even by the standards in the Norns ecosystem this script might be considered a bit more experimental than some others. A little bit akin to the Showers script by mat.


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ONG creates a soundscape that simulates ocean waves rolling in. I sincerely hope the soundscape brings you inner calm and relaxation.

Record it with tape, play other things on top of it. Enjoy, exhale and deflate and let your thoughts get lost.


There are a few controls to alter the sound, but ultimately it is several noise generators running through filters, being modulated by LFOs.

Norns controls are:

There are a bunch of other parameters that are available through the parameter page, but not mapped to encoders.


ONG is my first own script in the Norns universe. I’m dipping my toes into all this, learning Lua and SuperCollider as I go along.

I’m sure when I look at this in a couple of years or months I would structure many things differently, although having debugged the fabulous Arcologies script by @tyleretters I believe I’ve already learned a thing or two.


ONG is deeply inspired by the Ocean Noise Generator “guitar” pedal built by Syntherjack. I’m releasing this software version with permission from them.


v1.1.0 viscosity

v1.0.1 ocean cleanup

v1.0.0 first waves