project name: oilcan
project url: https://github.com/zjb-s/oilcan
author: zbs
description: monophonic digital-style percussion voice
discussion url: https://llllllll.co/t/oilcan-percussion-co/60754
documentation url: https://github.com/zjb-s/oilcan
tags: mod drum synth nb

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signal flow

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params overview

| param name | description | |-|-| | FREQ | Base frequency | SWEEP TIME | Percentage of release time spent sweeping towards base frequency | SWEEP INDEX | Depth of pitch sweep | ATTACK | Rise time. Affects all envelopes. | RELEASE | Fall time to silence. All other envelopes use this time as a reference - changing this param affects all envelopes. | MODULATOR RELEASE | Percentage of release time spent releasing the modulation operator to silence. | MODULATOR LEVEL | Multiplier for the modulator envelope height. | MODULATOR RATIO | Multiplier for the modulator’s frequency relative to base frequency. | FEEDBACK | Modulator FM feedback. 0 is a sine wave, 10 is tuned noise. | FOLD | Amount of wavefolding applied to operators at start of signal chain | HEADROOM | Amount of headroom before the signal hard-clips. Lowering HEADROOM applies a filthy compression effect. | GAIN | Signal multiplier into a soft-clipping waveshaper. | ROUTING | Linearly pan the modulator between 0 (carrier modulation only) and 1 (mix with carrier for output) | LEVEL | Clean level control.