project name: noizeop
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author: deeg_deeg_deeg
description: Four oscillators, six algorithms to mix and mangle.
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tags: synth midi


NoizeOP is a little noise synth for monome norns

NOIZEOP! v1.0 Noise Synth by deeg


be aware!: may produce very loud noises!!!

ENC 2: choose parameter

ENC 3: change selected parameter

ENC 1: change the amount parameters will be changed

KEY 2&3: select which synth will receive incoming midi notes

please be aware! at the moment “noizeop” only works if both reverb and compressor on the norns are turned off!

if you feel adventurous you can edit the supercollider engine of this project. just edit one of the six algorithms in there to fit your needs! edit this part of lib/

                algo01 = ((osc01*osc02)/(osc03*osc04))/a_mod_01;
		algo02 = ((osc02*osc04)/(osc03-osc01))/a_mod_02; 
		algo03 = ((osc01+osc02)-(osc03+osc04)).trunc(a_mod_03); 
		algo04 = (algo01*algo02*algo03).sqrt/a_mod_04;
		algo05 = (hypot(osc01,osc02) + hypot(osc03,osc04))*a_mod_05;
		algo06 = (osc01**2+osc02**2+osc03**2+osc04**2)*a_mod_06;

but don’t touch the a_mod_XX variables. Try experimenting!