project name: nisp
project url:
author: its_your_bedtime
description: scheme dialect livecoding tracker for norns
discussion url:
tags: sequencer tracker


Scheme dialect livecoding tracker for norns

Work in progress. Everything is subject to change


~ open / close repl
shift + ctrl start / stop playback
capslock toggle follow mode
shift + 1 - 4 mute track
enter open text editor (third column of track must be selected)
esc close text editor
shift + enter save expression in cell (while in text edit mode)
ctrl + c / v copy / paste
shift + esc open / close norns menu
ctrl + left / right switch menu tabs
shift + up / down fast nav between samples in params menu


function arguments description
(def) symbol, value define a symbol
(lambda) args, function anonymous function
(quote) ' expr returns unevaluated expression
(if) cond, expr 1, expr 2 evaluate expr 1 if cond is true, else evaluates expr 2
(when) cond, expr evaluate expr if cond is true
(@) track *optional* returns current position
(bpm) value set global bpm
(length) value set pattern length
(div) value set track speed divider
(jmp) pos jump to position
(skip) pos skip current step
(ever) N, expr evaluate expression every N cycle
(mute) track *optional* mute track
(sync) track *optional* sync positions to track, or to global pos
(save) id save pattern
(load) id load pattern
(note) value write note at current position
(sample) value write sample at current position
(pos) value set position of current sample
(param) value set current sample param
(help) - display help

(+) (-) (*) (/) (%) (^) (=) (eq) (>) (<) (<=) (>=) (rnd)


(list) (list?) (append) (apply) (begin) (car) (cdr) (cons) (len) (get) (put) (nil?) (num?) (print) (concat) (map) (#t) (#f)


*Functions can be executed either live in repl or from pattern cells.*

(def A 1) - sets symbol A to 1

(print "Hello") - double quotes for strings

(def A (lambda () (print "Hello"))) - defines a function (A) with no arguments

(def A (lambda (a b c) (+ a b c))) - defines a function (A) which takes 3 arguments and returns their sum.

(get '(1 2 3 4) 1) - returns first element from list

(bpm 120) - set bpm to 120

(jmp) - set current track position to the very beginning

(pos (rnd 1 99)) - set random start position for current sample

(atk 0.25) - set current sample attack to 0.25


more about scheme

params shortenings</summary>

atk  - amp_env_attack
dec - amp_env_decay
sus - amp_env_sustain
rel - amp_env_release
detune - detune_cents
strtch - by_percentage
ctf - filter_freq
res - filter_resonance
ftype - filter_type
qlt - quality
fm-lfo1 - freq_mod_lfo_1
fm-lfo2 - freq_mod_lfo_2
f-lfo1 - filter_freq_mod_lfo_1
f-lfo2 - filter_freq_mod_lfo_2
p-lfo1 - pan_mod_lfo_1
p-lfo2 - pan_mod_lfo_2
a-lfo1 - amp_mod_lfo_1
a-lfo2 - amp_mod_lfo_2
fm-env - freq_mod_env
f-fm-env - filter_freq_mod_env
f-fm-vel - filter_freq_mod_vel
f-fm-pr - filter_freq_mod_pressure
f-track - filter_tracking
p-env - pan_mod_env
m-atk - mod_env_attack
m-dec - mod_env_decay
m-sus - mod_env_sustain
m-rel - mod_env_release


Known bugs-features:

copy-pasted expression cells are linked, so editing one would affect all others.