project name: nice-tapes
project url:
author: MentalSandal
description: a norns mod for customised tape names
discussion url:
tags: mod


A norns mod for more descriptive tape names.




nice-tapes will also be available from maiden’s catalog soon.

More info about mods in general can be found in the docs.


Head to SYSTEM > MODS then select nice-tapes and turn E2 until you
see a + sign.
Restart your norns and you’re ready to configure your naming convention.


Access the menu by going back to the mods page, selecting nice-tapes and
pressing K3.

You can choose different descriptors that will be added to your tape file names,
next time you save a tape.

The different options are:

If a prefix isn’t required, setting it to an empty string will disable it.
You can recreate the standard naming convention by setting all the options to no and
the prefix to an empty string. This will result in ####.wav.

The preview field at the bottom will update automatically as you change options.
If the name is too long to fit on the display, select the preview and use K3 to scroll.


Setting a prefix or simply validating an existing one by pressing ok in the text entry
menu will save all the options into a txt file in dust/data/nice-tapes so that options
are recalled after a reboot.