project name: nc02-rs
project url:
author: norns-community
description: norns/circle/02 rhythm and sound
discussion url:
tags: art

a gathering— a group study where participants each create a script according to a prompt. scripts are submitted by an established deadline. discussion and help will be provided to facilitate completion of scripts.

this series will focus on softcut. for an introduction, see softcut studies. for general norns scripting, see norns studies. this edition will also extensively use clocks.

upon completion we will release the pack of scripts as a collection along a bandcamp compilation of captures from each script. see the collected past gatherings.

we’ll be here throughout the process to assist everyone in getting scripts working. please ask questions— this is an ideal time to learn.

future prompts will have different parameters. don’t go overboard building out your script with extra functionality— try to stay close to the prompt.

(norns/circle/02) rhythm and sound

build a rhythmic, generative sound machine using provided tonal and percussive samples. provide your own textural/field/environmental audio clip to color your creation.

parameters are subject to interpretation. “elevation” could mean playback speed. “shuffle” could mean preserve rhythm and change parameter mappings. “draw” could mean progress to a new sequence, or randomize a quality, emerging something new.


deadline: june 1

to get started, go to maiden’s project manager, refresh the collection, and install nc02-rs. note, this will take some time to download as it includes some audio files.

if you need a hint getting started, check out innominate.lua.

i’ll do a livestream first week of may do demonstrate some new techniques.

please post progress reports and early captures!