project name: metrix
project url:
author: kasperbauer
description: it's like metropolix for norns
tags: sequencer midi grid crow

Metrix Schmetrix


It’s like intellijel Metropolix for norns. 🤖❤️

All functionality and terms are directly adopted from metropolix. If you’re not familiar with it, please have a look at the metropolix manual or do some binge watching on yt. And, if you’re looking for a nice and powerful eurorack sequencer, consider buying it of course. :)




The screen shows a simple representation of the pulse count matrices of the two tracks. The selected loop range, as well as the currently playing pulse is being highlighted. The dots in the middle show the selected octave ranges.

Beneath every stage you can see a symbol, representing the gate type.

The bottom row shows the currently played note and octave on the left, the clock division in the middle and the playback order on the right. A line beneath the matrix indicates the currently selected track and the selected loop range.

In the top right corner, you can see the play state, the top left corner shows the tempo and a little dot to indicate if the sequencer is synced externally.


Keys and Encoders

Grid Layout

The grid layout of metrix is strongly influenced by skylines and Kria. 🙏

Grid Layout

Track Selector

Use the first row to select track 1 or 2.

Hold [shift] while selecting to mute/unmute a track.


Use the second row to set the loop’s start and end points:

Page Selector

In the bottom left corner, you can choose among the following pages:

  1. pulses and gates
  2. pitch
  3. presets and track settings
  4. scales and root note

Modifier Keys / Shortcuts

In the bottom and top right corner, the [shift] and [mod] keys are located. Hold these keys for secondary functions and shortcuts.

Hold the [shift] key to switch to the secondary functions of a page. More on that on the corresponding sections. Also:

Shortcut Description
[shift] + [track 1/2] Mute / unmute tracks 1 and 2
[shift] + [loopy] Skip the selected stages. One stage must remain active and cannot be skipped.
[mod] + [page 1/2] Randomize the basic values related to the selected page
[mod] + [value] Set all stages to the selected value. Use the shift key additionally to access the secondary functions.
[mod] + [loopy] Set loopy’s start and stop to all stages
[mod] + [shift] + [track 1/2] Randomize all possible params. This can lead to unpredictable results.
[mod] + [shift] + [loopy] Set loopy’s start and stop to all stages and activate all of them
[mod] + [shift] + [page 1/2] Randomize all possible params related to the selected page

Page 1: Pulses and gates

Page 1: Pulses and gates

Page 2: Pitch


Page 2: Pitch

Page 3: Presets and track settings

Page 3: Presets and track settings

Page 4: Scales and root note

Page 4: Scale and root note

Crow / MIDI


Connect crow to connect metrix to your eurorack system:


Connect your MIDI device using the corresponding param. Track 1 defaults to MIDI-Channel 1, Track 2 defaults to MIDI-Channel 2. The Channels can also be assigned in the params.



Param Description
Scale Choose one of the provided scales
RootNote Choose the root note of that scale
MIDI Device Choose a MIDI device to send the sequence data to
Send MIDI Transp. Msgs Send start / stop / continue messages to your MIDI Device

Track 1/2

Param Description
Output: Mute Mute the selected track
Output: Audio Play audio on/off
Output: MIDI Send MIDI on/off
Output: Crow Send to Crow on/off
Pitch: Octave Range Adjust the via grid controlable octave range
Pitch: Acc. Limit Set the limit over which transpositions are allowed to accumulate
Pitch: Transpose Trigger Apply the accumulation per stage / pulse / ratchet
Pitch: Slide Time Sets the amount of time it takes to move from one pitch to the next (Note: Only ‘analog’ slide type is supported atm.)
MIDI: Channel Sets the MIDI channel for sending the track sequence to
Crow: Gate Type Sets the signal type that crow generates: gate / trigger / envelope
Crow: Env. Attack Sets the attack time of the generated envelope
Crow: Env. Sustain Sets the sustain time of the generated envelope
Crow: Env. Release Sets the release time of the generated envelope