project name: manifold
project url:
author: carltesta
description: multi-effects processing for live performance
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tags: audio_fx


multi-effects audio processing




multi-effects processing for live performance


from maiden type ;install then ;restart;

Delay, Pitch-Shifting, Amplitude Modulation, and Audio Freeze available simultaneously for creative audio processing. Request random values to be assigned to the effects within particular ranges to get certain types of sounds. Or, dial in specific values for the effects parameters. Assign parameters to MIDI for more (or less) control in performance. NOTE: Reset audio system after installation because it uses a new SC engine.


plug audio input into channel 1 (L) of norns
K1 held is alt
K2 - delay on/off
K3 - pitchshifter on/off
E1 - master volume
E2 - delay time
E3 - pitch shift rate
alt + K2 - FREEZE on/off
alt + K3 - amp mod on/off
alt + E3 - amp mod frequency
Assign parameters to a MIDI controller via the parameters menu for greater and more varied control of the values