project name: makebreakbeat
project url:
author: infinitedigits
description: make breakbeats from samples
discussion url:
tags: sampler drum


make break beats.


this script is a wrapper for another script I wrote that generates breakbeats from a drum sample. I made this to learn more about sox and aubio as all the audio is generated with those tools.



to “break” a beat, this script first determines the tempo of the input file. it then determines onsets based on the tempo (minimum distance being sixteenth notes) and splits the input file into slices by onset markers. it then takes each slice and manipulates the slice with effects with some probability. the manipulated slice is then appended to an audio file at a position quantized to the desired tempo (set by norns clock). all the effect probabilities are available to modify in the parameters.

all the resulting audio files are automatically put into the ~/dust/audio/makebreakbeat folder.


this script generates beats slowly. to get around this I suggest generating short beats (8-16 beats) continuously (beats continue to play when generating).


install with


once you start the script for the first time it will install aubio and sox (~5 MB total).