project name: magpie
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author: notester
description: signal routing and modulated note echo for midi and cv
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tags: midi crow


signal routing and modulated note echo for norns and crow

app screen with chirping bird

Magpie takes incoming messages from midi (norns) and cv (crow) and allows them to be rerouted and echoed. It makes no sounds (right now) and has no in-app controls (as yet).

Configuration is done via norns params menus.

param menu with toggle sources highlighted

Every connected device can have its signal routed to any other connected device. It can also have its signal routed to every other connected device by routing to “Omni.” Devices default to themselves and the origin channel from which messages come. If nothing is happening, it’s probably because you’re routing your keys back to your keys by default.

primary output routing param

Crow inputs 1/2 are interpreted as v/oct and gate respectively. This pattern persists for the outputs 1/2 & 3/4.

Crow only has two channels. In direct crow routing, this is apparent. In omni routing, any channel above 1 (ie 1/2) is interpreted as 2 (ie 3/4).

What about the note echo, though?

Well, it can be toggled on and off.

param menu for toggling

It get its own separate routing.

param menu echo routing

It is controlled via LFO. Each signal source gets its own.

param menu with lfo highlighted

The delay between an incoming note and its echo is the lfo rate of the controlling oscillator.

param menu for lfo at rate

The amplitude of the echo is the product of the incoming note’s velocity and controlling oscillator’s scaled value at the time the incoming note is received.

param menu for lfo at range

That’s it. Route stuff. Echo messages. Report bugs. Tada!

Run ;install in maiden to…install.

CAVEAT: Connect input and output devices before firing up Magpie. Devices won’t be added or removed dynamically (at the moment).