project name: loudnumbers_norns
project url: https://github.com/loudnumbers/loudnumbers_norns
author: duncangeere
description: data sonification with norns
discussion url: https://llllllll.co/t/51353
documentation url: https://github.com/loudnumbers/loudnumbers_norns/blob/main/README.md
tags: sequencer utility synth crow midi grid generative

Loud Numbers

Loud Numbers is a data sonification script for Norns. It turns .csv files into melodies and control voltages.

You can select the root note and scale with encoders 2 and 3. Encoder 1 selects the bpm. Key 2 toggles play/pause, and key 3 toggles whether the melody should loop when you reach the end of the dataset or not.

The script comes with a default set of data - temperature.csv, which contains global temperature anomalies since 1950 for the globe, tropics, and northern and southern hemispheres, via Our World in Data. Swap between data columns by turning encoder 1 while holding down key 1. Selecting a new data column will reset the sequence.


Monome Norns or Norns Shield Optional: Grid, Crow


Place data files in the /data folder - the same folder as temperatures.csv. Once you’ve loaded your file, restart the script and select it through the parameters menu.

Crow support

Note: Crow trigger support must be turned on in the parameters menu, or by holding KEY1 and pressing KEY2.

When looping is turned off (KEY3), Crow trigger support will automatically deactivate when you reach the end of your dataset and you’ll need to turn it on again.










Loud Numbers?

It’s the name of my data sonification studio. Worth checking out if you want to see what’s possible with sonification.