project name: lemniscate
project url: https://github.com/cachilders/lemniscate
author: notester
description: an 8-track-cassette-inspired looper
discussion url: https://llllllll.co/t/lemniscate/67296
tags: looper


an 8-track-cassette-inspired looper for norns

lemniscate screenshot

In a few words

It’s a stereo looper (softcut-based) with an adjustable length between four seconds and five minutes, forty-eight seconds. From there, it’s conceptually based on the operation of an 8-track cassette, such that a four minute loop is one minute of tape with four “programs” running in parallel. One can hop the play/record head from program to program, maintaining the relative position.

That’s it. Simple looper with a little trick. Control for playback amplitude, overdub iteration amplitude, and LPF are in params. There’s also a param for mixing in 8-track player noises for authentic, if cloying, nostalgia and feedback.

That’s all, folks.