project name: larc
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author: justmat
description: looper/delay
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tags: delay looper arc

a norns looper script focused on arc control v1.01</div>

getting started

when starting larc, you’ll be looping a blank section of tape.

this is indicated by an L in the top left corner of your screen, and the absence of a waveform drawing. press key 3 to toggle recording/looping. the counter in the top right corner tracks the record head position.

at this point, your arc will be focused on amplitude. turn arc ring 2 and 3 to bring up the amplitude of your 2nd and 3rd play heads, revealing them on the screen.

hold key 1 and touch an arc ring to change the arc focus.

  • ring 1 = amplitude
  • ring 2 = speed
  • ring 3 = panning
  • ring 4 = filter cutoff

while amplitude, panning, and cutoff behave intuitively as knobs increasing or decreasing a value, speed is less intuitive.

first, use ring 4 to set a pre-speed value. then, move a ring 1 - 3 to set the play head speed. moving a ring counter-clockwise will set the play head to reverse.

press key2 to toggle record head and loop settings.

  • norns enc 1 = feedback
  • norns enc 2 = loop start
  • norns enc 3 = loop end
  • norns key 1 + enc 1 = record speed
  • arc ring 4 = loop/window shift

to clear the buffer hold key 1 and press key 2


in no particular order…

  • lfo’s
  • screen/arc animation for shifting the loop window
  • norns encoder controls for… everything