project name: kreislauf
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author: frederickk
description: beat sequencing rund um den kreis
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tags: drum sequencer midi crow



Beat sequencing rund um den Kreis inspired very heavily by Pocket Operators and the work of Ethan Hein.

Kreislauf UI


Norns or Fates.


Kreislauf can be installed via Maiden’s project manager.



Each pattern consists of 4 concentric sequencer rings:


When a beat is added to a ring, it fires off a Midi* note when active (60 by default) to the corresponding channel. While, this script is design with intent to create drum patterns; each beat can have its note value adjusted allowing for melody/harmony constructs as well. Go wild…

*I’ve blindly implemented crow, but I have no idea if it works. Any crow users please let me know what bugs you find and I’ll adjust.


I also like the way Pocket Operators accommodate for chaining of beats so I incorporated the ability for multiple patterns with individual loop counts to be strung together. For single pattern beats be sure to keep loop count as Inf. if you want endless looping. If multiple patterns are create, the entire sequence will always loop.

Saving and Loading Sequences

Patterns can be saved and later recalled (along with accompanying PSET). A number of demo patterns of some staple beats is installed within ~/dust/data/kreislauf/patterns. LOAD and SAVE patterns from the params menu.

Controls and Params

Controller Page Values Description
E1 Global 1 – 3 Change page
K2 Global Play/stop Plays or stops sequence

Page 1

Kreislauf page 1 screenshot

Controller Page Values Description
E2 P1 1 – x Cycle through patterns
E3 P1 20 – 300 Set BPM
E3+K1 or E4 P1 1 – 16 Step divider
K3 P1   Add pattern
K3+K1 P1   Remove pattern

Page 2

Kreislauf page 2 screenshot

Controller Page Values Description
E2 P2 1 – 4 Cycle through rings
E3 P2 0 – 16 Set channel for active ring
E3+K1 or E4 P2 Inf, 1 – 32 Loop count for active pattern
K3 P2   Load pattern

Page 3

Kreislauf page 3 screenshot

Controller Page Values Description
E2 P3 1 – 16 Cycle through steps
E3 P3 0 – 127 Set note value for active step
E3+K1 or E4 P3 0 – 127 Set velocity value for active step
K3 P3   Add beat/note to active step


SSH into your Norns/Fates, then enter the following commands in terminal.

$ cd ~/dust/code
$ git clone