project name: here-there
project url:
author: speakerdamage
description: the sound begins here but you began there
discussion url:
tags: granulator audio_fx synth


norns listens to sound input for the first ~30 seconds and then plays back the following:
(a) up to 32 sine waves with random parameters, randomly spaced in the stereo field, in [currently] two modes: “chords” and “drones”
(b) two separate softcut buffers (l/r, based on inputs), at random positions [currently] in time with the sine actions
(c) granular buffer with random parameters


k2: change sine mode
k1(hold) + k2: reset softcut buffer
k3: clear/freeze sines and begin polling again
k1(hold) + k3: randomize granular parameters
e1: sines volume
e2: softcut volume
e3: granular volume/speed