project name: gridofrings
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author: smonthms
description: A Karper-esque take on Duncan Geere's gridofpoints
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tags: grid synth


I really wanted a Tocante Karper by Ciat Lonbarde, but was never able to find one, and at the same time was slightly put off by the scales available. It occurred to me that Duncan Geere’s gridofpoints may be the perfect thing to adapt to create a version of the Karper that suited my needs. Thank you again to Duncan for his support and permission to adapt this.

Play Mutable Instruments’ Rings via a quantised keyboard on your grid.

grid (required)

crow (optional)


Find it in the Maiden project manager


If you get an ‘error: init’ on load, then make sure you have a Grid plugged in. The script doesn’t function without one. If you have a Grid plugged in and you’re still seeing this error then post below with details of what Grid you’re using and how it’s connected to your Norns.

version history


Added access to the engine params in the menu


Initial release