project name: glaciers
project url:
author: dwtong
description: extreme sound stretcher and harmoniser
discussion url:
tags: audio_fx


Extreme sound stretcher and harmoniser. (Demo uses four samples kindly provided by @tehn in the norns default image under dust/audio/tehn - whirl1, whirl2, mancini1 and mancini2)


This is my attempt to bring Paulstretch to the Norns platform. I’ve added multiple voices, harmonisation, and panning LFOs to help create multi layered dynamic textures.

This wouldn’t be possible without the amazing work of others.

Particular thanks to:


K1 (hold down) bring up the buffer (contextual) menu k2 (press) previous page/buffer action k3 (press) next page/buffer action

e1 change voice e2 select parameter e3 change parameter value

buffer - stopped state


k2 load a file from the norns audio directory k3 immediately start recording live input

buffer - playing state


k2 clear buffer. stops currently playing file k3 immediately start recording live input

buffer - recording state


k2 clear buffer. current recording will not be saved k3 save recording. new recording will then be stretched.

recording is saved in glaciers audio directory. when recording, buffer screen will stay open without having to hold k1.



general sound parameters

volume sets the level for the voice. stretch is based on the playback rate. 1x stretch is 1x playback rate. harmonic oct sets the octive for the harmonics. 1 will be one octave above. harmonic mix controls how much of the harmonics vs original sound plays. 0 is all original, 1 is all harmonics.



move the sound through the stereo field

position sets where the sound is in the stereo field. lfo spread sets how far the sound will be moved by the lfo. lfo rate controls how long it takes the pan lfo to complete a cycle.



a basic bandpass filter

freq sets the centre frequency. width sets the width of the filter from the centre freq, in octaves.

global parameters

gain offset - offset the gain of all voices by up to +/-12db.




Install through the community catalogue on Maiden (don’t forget to refresh). Be sure to restart to make sure Glacial Engine is loaded.