project name: foundry
project url:
author: csboling
description: Font / glyph catalog
discussion url:
tags: utility

foundry - font viewer for monome norns

Foundry lets you browse the glyphs for all the different fonts installed on norns so you can see what’s available and determine the right font face / character codes to use. You can view glyphs at different sizes and brightness levels, generate Lua code for drawing a particular glyph in your own script, and attach a keyboard to type in example text.

Foundry does not know anything about the contents of the fonts, it is just using screen.text to draw everything. Some fonts have many more glyphs than others so many fonts will have large blank regions, there are some button / encoder combos to help with skipping over large numbers of glyphs.

See the comments at the start of foundry.lua for usage instructions.