project name: forge
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author: notester
description: a playable oscilloscope for norns and crow
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tags: sequencer generative crow midi


A playable oscilloscope for norns and crow that works just as well without crow if you prefer.

animated demonstration

What it does

In a nutshell it’s a note making machine, drawing the low frequency cycles it receives from an attached crow’s inputs or a pair of internal LFOs or a combination of the two, and spawning notes at a regular (configurable) cadence where the lines intersect.

From there the newly formed notes are conveyed through optional step and scale quantization and eventually played into a dealer’s choice of outputs of the engine, i2c, and/or MIDI varieties.

Transport is controlled by K3, and K1 + K3 lets you stop and flush the player roll. Speaking of K1 combos, there are some immediate controls for fine-tuning the oscilloscope. K1 + ENC1 adjusts the sample frequency. K1 + ENC2/3 trims the legroom and headroom respectively. Most everything else can be controlled by parameters.

A note on the crow outputs: they’re disabled initially, but should you use them, 2 and 4 are gates. 1 is a frequency derived from the MIDI note created by the generator (quantized or unquantized per param). 3 is the raw frequency of the graph intersection, optionally offset to be unipolar.

That’s it. The rest is for exploration. I hope it’s all smooth sailing, but bug reports and feature requests are welcome.


Run ;install from maiden at <your-norns>.local.


The code draws heavily from the efforts of the norns community. The gif was made using The name comes from the blacksmith guild’s headquarters in Loom.