project name: delar
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author: ljudvagg
description: always looping sample player
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tags: sampler sequencer grid


always looping

sample player

delar == parts

This script will slice any sample into 128 slices and loop all activated slices sequentially. A way of freeing yourself and your samples from typical sequencer timing.



norns grid (optional)


Loading Samples:

Load your sample from the params menu. Make sure that your sample is long enough. The engine won’t play if your sample is too short because a short sample / 128 slices can potentially cause performance issues.

Use E3 to select a slice. Press K3 to activate the selected slice.

Playback Control:

Press K2 to start or stop playback.

Adjusting Slice Values:

Use E1 to navigate to the second page. Use E2 to select a value and E3 to adjust it for the selected slice. Pressing K3 resets all values for the current slice to their defaults.

Global Offset Value:

Navigate to the third page using E1. Set a global offset value for all slices. The value ranges from -100 to 100, with 0 indicating no offset. Pressing K3 resets all offset values to 0.

Rotating Slice Values:

On the first page, use E2 to rotate all slice values to the neighbouring slice in the encoder’s direction.


Hold K1 and press K2 on the first page to initiate auto-rotation. Auto-rotation speed is controlled by the CLOCK.

Pattern Change:

Hold K1 and turn E3 on the first page to adjust the pattern.


atk: Attack phase

len: Length

lvl: Level

rate: Playback rate in octaves

rFreq: Speed of random panning

rStart: Amount of random start position

rEnd: Sets if rStart also should set a random end position (true = always, false = never, numbers = probability to be true)

rPan: Amount of random panning

rel: Release phase

loop: Preserve slice length when rate changes (true = always, false = never, numbers = probability)


install via maiden:


or download via GitHub:


graymazes for initial design of the engine.