project name: combiner
project url:
author: modularbeat
description: mod to combine multiple Grids to operate as a single device
discussion url:
documentation url:
tags: mod utility grid


Combine 2-127* Grids into a virtual grid available to all scripts

What you can do with it


How to use it

  1. Install from the Maiden project manager (or ;install
  2. Enable the mod in SYSTEM»MODS»E3 (+ symbol) and restart.
  3. Edit your layout in SYSTEM»MODS»COMBINER»K3.
    • First, arrange your physical Grids however you want.
    • Press column 1, row 1 to place the first Grid. It will detect orientation.
    • Add new Grids by holding the corner of any placed Grid and tapping an adjacent corner of the new Grid.
    • To change additional settings, tap the center of a Grid to select it and use E2 (navigation) and E3 (change).
  4. The virtual Grid will appear in appear to scripts on port 1 (default for most scripts).


To script authors

function grid.add(dev)
  cols = g.cols
  rows = g.rows

*Okay I’ve tested with 4 Grids. Prove me wrong.