project name: circles
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author: jakecarter
description: move cursor. place circles. make music
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tags: sequencer crow


Circles consists of lib/libCircles.lua, the sequencing engine and the circles.lua script that uses the engine.



The circles script allows you to move a cursor around on screen using ENC 2 and ENC 3. Pressing KEY 3 will place a new circle at the cursor point. KEY 2 will remove the circle at the cursor point. Holding KEY 1 will remove all circles after a confirmation step. ENC 1 adjusts the cutoff frequency of the filter.

Placed circles will grow with each MIDI tick. This means that it will stay in beat with whatever else you have going on.

Circles will burst when they hit another circle or when the get too big. When they burst, they make sound. The sound they make depends on their x, y position on the screen and how big they are when they burst.

The pitch is determined by their x coordinate, with lower pitches on the left and higher pitches on the right.

The timbre is determined by their y coordinate, currently connected to PWM of the PolyPerc engine.

The size determines how long the sound will last. Larger circles will sound out for longer.

There are also a few parameters to adjust under the KEY 1 parameters page. Play around with those.


Minor update to add midi continue support.


This is a pretty major update under the hood. Because of that I took this as an opportunity to update some of the param IDs. This means that existing PSETs will probably result in unexpected behavior.

Before updating, if you have any saved PSETs that you rely on, I’d encourage you to write down the settings so you can recreate them after updating.







This is the library that does all of the heavy lifting. It keeps track of all of the circles, grows them and does the hit detection to decide when to burst them. It can communicate with a client script by way of callback functions. If you’re interested in any of this, please read the documentation in the file.