project name: cc-canvas
project url:
author: monome
description: fifteen midi cc sliders with slewing and recall
discussion url:
tags: midi utility grid


Fifteen grid-controllable MIDI CC messages with slewing and snapshot recall.
This project runs on both norns and seamstress.
Requires monome zero / 256, though script can be edited to accommodate any dimensions.

Each column is a fader, which can be assigned a target MIDI device, channel, CC number and CC value – see the system parameters menu for these settings.

Each key in each fader column (1-15) sets CC value directly – 127 at top, 7 at bottom, reselect current value to zero-out.

PARAMETERS > morph will increment the CC value of every slider by a random value between -10 and 10.

snapshots @ (16, 1-14)

ALT key @ (16, 16)

ALL key @ (16, 15)