project name: bline
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author: toneburst
description: Bline is a parametric acid-style bassline explorer.
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tags: sequencer generative synth midi


A parametric acid bassline explorer for Monome Norns.



tb-303 emulator should apply accent to received MIDI notes with a high velocity value (accent threshold adjustable) and slide to overlapping notes (“mono-legato” mode).

Other synths that have a mono-legato mode and allow velocity to modulate note volume and filter envelope modulation amount and/or cutoff may also produce interesting results.


Install from Maiden


Restart Norns to enable engine.


Not all parameters are exposed in the UI display. Mapping Params to MIDI controller recommended!

If you have a Novation Launch Control XL, plug it in, assign it to Norns MIDI device slot 16 and load factory patch 1 on the controller. You’ll find all the key parameters mapped for you.

If you have another MIDI controller, I recommend starting by mapping the following parameters:

See wiki for more information.

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                   H  H  C--H
                      C  H  H
                      |     |
                 O    N  H  C
                 \\ ,' `.|,'|`.
                   C     C  H  H
                   |     |
                H--C     H
                 ,' `.
          H  H--C  H--C--H
          |     ||    |
    H     C     C     N  H  H
     `. ,' `. ,' `. ,' `.|,'
       C  _  C  H  C     C
       | (_) |   `.|     |
       C     C     C     H
     ,' `. ,' `. ,' `.
    H     C     C     H
          |    ||
          |     |
          H     H