project name: benjolis
project url:
author: scaxan
description: chaotic synth
discussion url:
tags: synth

a norns version of Alejandro Olarte’s Benjolis SC patch


Instrument inspired from Rob Hordijk’s Benjolin, it requires sc3-plugins (PulseDPW, SVF and DFM1)

outSignal: 1-triangle osc1, 2-square osc1, 3-triangle osc2, 4-pulse osc2, 5-XOR output, 6-Filter output

Enjoy! Alejandro Olarte



use K2 and K3 to cycle through pairs of dials.

use E2 and E3 to adjust the left and right dials of the selected pair.

use E1 to control volume.

if you hold K1 (shift) and use K2, you will have a momentary mute.

if you hold K1 (shift) and use K3, you will have a mute that toggles.


at the bottom of the params menu there are four MIDI mappings that you can enable.

first choose the external device.

then there are three options for each mapping:

enable mapping is, itself, MIDI mappable and simply enables this mapping or not.

MIDI channel sets the incoming MIDI channel for this mapping to listen to

note mapping sets which param this will be mapped to.

thanks to Alejandro Olarte for the SynthDef