project name: b-b-b-b-beat
project url: https://github.com/frederickk/b-b-b-b-beat
author: frederickk
description: Beat repeater with some glitch
discussion url: https://llllllll.co/t/35047
tags: audio_fx



A repeater inspired by Ableton’s Beat Repeat for Norns, with some added glitchy inspiration from MASF Possessed/MWFX Judder.

This script uses live audio or samples for all of its repeating magic! Read more about the different modes in the guide.

B-B-B-B-Beat UI


I’ll post a brief demo showing B-B-B-B-Beat in action, soon.


Norns or Fates or device. For Fates owners, BPM value can be persistently controlled using the 4th encoder, for Norns owners it’s E2 the first page P0


B-B-B-B-Beat can be installed via Maiden’s project manager.


Params be controled with Midi CC via MAP within params menu. For a detailed overview of the params and general functionality of this script refer to the guide.

Page Controller Description Values
All E1 Change page  
All K2 Resync to beat 1  
0 E2 or E4 BPM 20 - 300
1 E2 Interval length 1/256 - 4
1 E2 Grid length 1/256 - 4
2 E2 Offset amount 0/16 - 15/16
2 E3 % repeat occurrence (chance) 0 - 100%
2 K3 toggle chance (temp. set 0%) 0%
3 E2 amount of Grid variance 0 - 10
3 E3 % glitch occurrence 0 - 100%
3 K3 toggle glitch effect (temp. set 100%) 100%
4 E2 change mode live or sample live or sample
4 K3 load new sample Any valid audio file


SSH into your Norns/Fates, then enter the following commands in terminal.

$ cd dust/code
$ git clone https://github.com/frederickk/b-b-b-b-beat.git

If you want to get the latest version run these commands:

$ cd dust/code/b-b-b-b-beat
$ git fetch origin
$ git checkout primary
$ git merge origin/primary