Softcut & Softcut-based libs

library code description provided by used by
softcut lua, undelying C sample record & playback installed by default sam, reels, piwip
cartographer lua flexible buffer space managment   wrms, orgn
halfsecond lua simple 1/2s delay awake awake, vials, tambla

community Lua libs

library code description provided by used by  
passthrough lua allows norns to pass through midi between connected devices passthrough passthrough, b-b-b-b-beat, beets, stjoernuithrott  
midi lua helper to trig MIDI out euclidigons euclidigons  
midigrid lua use alternative midi grid hardware as a grid (e.g. Novation Launchpad)      
middy lua define midi mappings to specific controllers in your scripts, JSON configuration      
_16n lua easy integration of a 16n     sines, pirate-radio
hnds lua LFOs to modulate app parameters otis otis, pools, greyhole, pedalboard, timeparty  
gridfader lua control parameters with faders drawn on grid groovecats groovecats  
nest_ lua an experimental ui component library for screen, grid, or arc   wrms, orgn  
arcify lua simple parameter binding to arc   beets, compass  
crowify lua simple parameter binding to crow inputs   pedalboard  
shnth lua use the shbobo shnth as a controller      
screencap lua animated capture of the screen (into an animated png)      
grid-capture lua capture a grid button press sequence as a gif      
shape lua draw shapes on screen euclidigons euclidigons  
noise lua draw perlin Noise on screen      
moreFilters lua provides a moving, windowed RMS/standard deviation filter      
3d lua 3D drawing lib      
p8 lua pico-8 code adaptation layer      
pitfalls gh compute microtonal intervals/scales/chords pitfalls pitfalls  
namesizer gh random (file) name generator      
wobblewobble gh chaotic LFO sources   wobblewobble  
scala gh scala (microtonal language) parser   fretwork  

SuperCollider engines

To get the list of engines installed on your norns, type tab.print(engine.names) in the matron console in maiden.

library code description provided by used by
ack lua wrapper, sclang simple sample playback   step, ash/playfair, foulplay, takt, crash, vials, strides
timber lua wrapper, sclang advanced sample playback timber timber, orca
thunk sclang sample playback w/ 64 slots organized in tracks   thunk
glut sclang granular sample playback glut glut, mangl, uhf, langl
Thebangs sclang+lua wrapper fork of PolyPerc w/ multiple synth algorythms & control over polyphony   groovecats
PolyPerc sclang simple polyphonic filtered decaying square wave installed by default awake, meadowphysics, barycenter, zeelen, orbital, nono, tambla
PolySub sclang multi-type oscillator with polyphonic modulation busses for polytimbral expression installed by default ash/earthsea
Gong sclang basic FM synth installed by default  
TestSine sclang a basic single mono sinewave installed by default there
thresher sclang live granular pricessing silos silos
R sclang collection of engines that link together in a modular synth-style workflow installed by default moln, torii
mi-engines lua+scland port of Mutable Instruments rack modules mi-eng/* mi-eng/*
molly_the_poly lua wrapper, sclang analogue (substractive) synth molly_the_poly molly_the_poly, arp_index, loom, quence, fugu
passersby lua wrapper, sclang westcoast-style synth passersby passersby, less_concepts, dunes
Dust2 sclang impulses (ticks) bgc_dust  
PrimitiveString sclang   euclidigons euclidigons