who (and what) is this wiki for?

to help you discover all the amazing authors and scripts that exist in the norns community!

how are the scripts on this site chosen?

this site is community run, so if you think a script ought be here… add it!

can i add my own “author” page?

yes! please visit https://norns.community/en/contributor-instructions.

why won’t my capital letters render?

because * { text-transform: lowercase !important; }. :)

where are the norns docs, again?


how can i learn to write my own scripts?

the studies were designed to help creators of all levels learn scripting norns.

what software is this site running on?

we’re Powered by Wiki.js and a custom gallery from @eigen.

who designed this site?

site design, logo, look/feel, information architecture, and lowercase css by @tyleretters.